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What is Deerwalk Executive Analytics?

Deerwalk’s Executive Analytics portal is a high-level summary dashboard view of financial and utilization trends. The purpose of Executive Analytics is to give our client’s client access to rich visualizations of high level cost and utilization trends, with benchmark comparisons, without the deep drill down reporting and ad-hoc query functionality available in Plan Analytics. These visualizations help your client quickly understand their financial and utilization plan performance. Executive Analytics is ideal for the plan sponsor’s CFO or HR Executive. Our client can choose, on a case-by-case basis, which of their clients to give access to Executive Analytics vs. Plan Analytics


    • Inventory list
    • Custom filters for inventory list
    • Custom product details
    • Stock history for each product
    • Custom stock adjustments
    • Total stock on hand by location
    • Variants
    • Batches
    • Product packs (assembly materials)
    • Packing slips (waybills)
    • Sales history report by product or variant
    • And Many More….


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