Order Management System




    • True Big Data technology for flexibility and scalability
    • Cloud-based application and storage for ease of accessibility, implementation and low cost of ownership
    • Flexible report design and generation, including an ability to schedule the production and delivery
    • Opportunity and risk identification
    • Full integration with other Deerwalk applications

    Additional Data Enrichment

    • Quality gaps and risk triggers at the group and member levels
    • Concurrent and prospective risk scores at the group and member levels
    • Benchmark data at different levels of aggregation

    Advanced Data Enrichment

    • ER Visits
    • Office Visits
      • Routine Office Visits
      • Preventive Office Visits
      • Mental Health Office Visits
      • Other Office Visits
    • Physical Therapy
    • MRI /CT Scans
    • Generic vs. Brand Utilization Rate
    • Mail Order Rate
    • Newborn Deliveries
      • Vaginal Deliveries
      • C-Section Deliveries
    • Admissions (supports 5 different ways of identifying an admission, based on data vendor)
      • Medical
      • Surgical
      • Maternity
      • Mental Health or Substance Abuse
Supportscreen tag